Bulk SMS for Election Campaign

Bulk SMS marketing has to turn out to be one of the most essential tools for Election Campaigns. Now Election parties use Sms marketing for arranging rallies and collecting crowd. On the election day bulk sms marketing is used to remind voters for their valuable participation.

With SMSBank messaging service a election leader send out a marketing sms to all your party workers and supporters informing them about the event and attract maximum crowd at the event. It helps you to make your election campaign unique and attract more public to support you. Sending SMS to the public makes your trust in their minds and create personal touch as SMS reaches to every individual.


  • Response rates of SMS are higher.
  • Send personalized SMS in Indian languages to voters/public.
  • Get regular updates from Candidates via SMS or Voice Calls.
  • It saves lots of time as it reaches faster than door to door campaign.
  • It makes public up to date about all your meetings, rallies and protest.
  • Sending important information by election parties to their party members.

Bulk SMS for Retail Company

Bulk SMS for retail is an intimate sales channel of interaction that businesses can use to improve promotional reach, create higher brand awareness, develop consumer loyalty and accomplish better response rates. Meanwhile Retailers are exploring newer avenues to increase their sales and business.

Retailers consider SMS marketing as best tool for marketing campaigns. Reel in new customers and retain existing ones by sending them attractive offers, encouraging them to sign up for membership programs, and even alerting them when their favorite brand introduces new products. Stay with them, so they’ll stay with you.


  • Send updates to all Vendors & customers.
  • Create product-wise database of potential customers.
  • Promote offers via messaging campaigns.
  • Customers can register complains via a single SMS.
  • Information-On-Demand via SMS for customers.
  • Customers can register complains via a single SMS.

Bulk SMS for Government

SMS is considered as a two-way communicator between government and its people.

Our SMS messaging services are used by Governments to enhance service delivery conversation, devastation management, including incident and damage assessment. Bulk SMS service appears to be the most efficient mode of communicating in distributing emergency information. With the use of SMS, both governing administration and public can advantage to save lives or seek any relevant data on official services.

A Texting message provides a simple and efficient way to communicate voice opinions or public polls with government organizations without having any distress.


  • It enables the government systems to make public information and government services reachable to the people at any point of time.
  • With the use of SMS, both governing administration and public can benefit to save lives or seek any relevant data on official services.
  • Candidates can simply send personalized SMS in Indian languages to voters/public seeking their vote and support.
  • Today you can send local, state and Central Government out public information via SMS service.

Bulk SMS for Marketing

In Today’s competitive age as marketers, we’re constantly thinking up creative ways to get our message out to existing and potential customers. SMS is a tried, tested and continues to be around many years – utilizing it to communicate with customers will ensure your business keeps up with market trends whilst using a reliable method.

SMS marketing used to offer rewards as well as enhance your network and boost customer loyalty. SMS marketing is a more convenient way to provide promotions like coupon codes to their network of contacts.


  • Increase sales in the short time.
  • Advertise your offers directly in your customers’ inbox.
  • You can create texts that engage your audience and get results.
  • Target a broad range of customers via the same communication channel.
  • Develop long-term relationships with customers to bring them retrace.
  • Assurance your customer are receiving your bulk text messaging service.

Bulk SMS for IT Companies

Bulk SMS API device enables to automate the sending and receiving SMS by integrating directly with your business applications, websites or other software.

Our powerful SMS API which automates the SMS to your registered customers with Simple-Fast-Reliable concept. Our API can easily be integrated into applications required to send SMS.

SMSBank API offers multiple functionality to sends SMS automatically. Additionally the delivery status and many other details are given through the API responses.


  • 99.9% Server Uptime.
  • Our API connects your website visitor to your call center.
  • Send Single/Multiple SMS.
  • Send an obligation SMS after buy from your Billing software.
  • Supports Php, Java, C#, VB, .Net, etc.
  • Inform about salary credit from your payroll software.
  • Lightning fast Delivery in ~10 Seconds.
  • Enjoy our API marked by reliability & easy to use.

Bulk SMS for Banking

The Banking Industry has come of modern age, New-age banking features intended banking via internet, emails and telephone and the customer is constantly swamped with messages.

SMSBank offers various Bulk SMS services and other text messaging solutions for Banks to connecting with your customers. Now all gets to be easily anything from deposit/withdrawal updates, new scheme introductions, branch openings, foreign exchange rates, issuing of cheque books etc all take on a new dimension.


  • Enquire Account Balance via SMS.
  • ATM or Branch locator on SMS.
  • Enquire currency exchange rates on SMS.
  • Automated alerts regarding account status.
  • EMI Calculator on SMS.
  • Communicate with all your sales force instantly.
  • Alerts for online payments & cash withdrawal.
  • Automated reminders for EMI payment or Bill Payments.

Bulk SMS for eCommerce Companies

Improving attention of internet among the users and acceptance of ecommerce in India, has provided a big boost to the online portals which either revolve all over online shopping, electronic fund transfers, conversation forums, social networking, online transaction etc. This will also assist to develop strong trusted relationship between the two parties.

SMSBank featuring super fast OTP and Other text messaging solution to eCommerce companies which enable you to communicate with your customer like placing the order, tracking the order information, gather the feedback and response.


  • Send Sign up Alert.
  • Send Order Confirmation.
  • Subscription services to visitors.
  • Stay up-to-date through SMS alerts.
  • Promote offers to targeted customers.
  • Provide m-Coupons to regular customers.
  • Send Delivery Status.
  • Send OTP Alert for Mobile Verification, Payment Confirmation.

Bulk SMS for Stock Market Companies

In Stock Market, stock brokers have to provide continuous advice to share market investors. News, analysis and movements have to be kept track of minute by minute.

Customers have to be very clear about each and every aspect of investments, stock options, stock trading, shares dividend & types of shares, mutual funds and much more. So almost all clients connected to cell phones because mobile Messaging Services is the best way to serve them.

SMSBank a leading end-to-end mobile SMS solutions provider that caters to Stock Brokers.


  • Customer Follow-up.
  • Buying & Selling tips to clients instantly.
  • Increase customer walk-ins.
  • Communicate upcoming IPO Updates to registered clients.
  • Build customer relationships.
  • Overall Sensex updates via pull SMS.
  • Sending Stock Specific information.

Bulk SMS for Real Estate

Real Estate is a wide field, with enormous scope for further progress. Here too, communication performs a essential role. Project launches, availability of projects, houses for buying/ leasing, loan facilities, special schemes, site benefits all these information and facts has to be communicated. Enterprise Messaging Services is certainly the solution for big giants as well as for real estate agents.

SMSBank is a leading company in the world of Bulk SMS through the years the companies has consolidated its presence in the market and has been providing world-class services to its Real Estate clients.


  • Launch customer feedback campaign on SMS.
  • Integrating SMS Alert services with your website.
  • Facilitate customers to get specific Property details.
  • SMS Promotion of new projects into the right target groups.
  • Highly effective lead generation through reply number facility.
  • Send information of new properties, space availability to customer’s.
  • Online Property Buying & selling portals can integrate SMS notification.

Bulk SMS for Edcuation Sectors

Educational Institutions are changing everyday life, communities and countries. With the mushrooming of education institutions across India, to keep speed with desire, now these days education is a highly growing industry. The messages to be communicated are as diverse as they are direct and speed is of the essence. It is in this domain that Enterprise Messaging Services can serve as a potent tool for communication.

YourBulkSMS is a leading and reliable bulk sms service provider for Education in India. We offer bulk sms in your Education city as per your requirement in affordable rates. Also offering Voice Bulk SMS and Short code SMS Services in Education.


  • Examination Schedule updates.
  • Advertising at start of academic year.
  • Intimating Attendance of the students.
  • Weekly or monthly performance report to parents.
  • Automated Urgent notices/Alerts/ to students.
  • Reaching each parents with private & confidence.
  • Easily Communication with Teachers and Staff.
  • Examination/Test results to be sent to students.